Vouchers - great idea for a Christmas present

Vouchers - great idea for a Christmas present

If you would like your loved one to own a painting of their pet, it is possible to buy a voucher that you can give to them as a present.

You can order a voucher as a gift for a family member or a friend that will later on allow them to commission me for a portrait from a photo of their choosing. They will also be able to use that voucher as part of a payment towards a bigger drawing or a painting. For example: if you choose a voucher for a charcoal drawing, the person who receives it may later decide to commission a bigger drawing or an oil painting and use your voucher to pay for it as a part of the fee.

If you're interested in purchasing a voucher please send an e-mail to: contact@purelypetportraits.co.uk and tell us what  you're interested in or use the contact form below

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