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by artists Kate & Paul


As photography keeps penetrating our lives with the help of smart phones and digital cameras, and as it becomes more and more easy to capture hundreds of photos and store them in folders that will rarely be visited again, traditional, representative art is consequently gaining popularity amongst art lovers. The need to have a beloved friend or member of family captured in a very personal and unique way increases and says more than a hundred words. Nothing can replace a traditional piece of art or artist’s personal investment in the portrait they're creating. An artist will always be able to add a new dimension that goes beyond what any photo can capture.



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Currently we are working on a couple of portraits, if you’d like to know more, visit our On The Easel page



Oil Paintings, pencil & Charcoal Drawings


Oil Painting Gallery

from £375/$488

Pencil Gallery

from £120/$156

Charcoal Galleries

from £120/$156

On Purely Pet Portraits you can find both oil paintings, pencil and charcoal drawings. Oil paintings are painted with Daler Rowney oil paints onto gessoed board. They are shipped securely packed in acid free paper, bubble wrap and - depending on the size - either cardboard boxes or wooden crates. Each painting is insured and arrives within a day in the UK (longer if sent overseas). Pencil drawings are done on white paper. Charcoal drawings are created with black and white charcoal pencils on grey toned paper. Charcoals are sealed with fixative and shipped securely packed in reinforced tubes. Like oil paintings charcoal and pencil drawings are also insured and sent with one day guaranteed delivery within the UK ( overseas takes longer).

If you would like to learn more about the prices or commission process please visit the relevant pages.  



"Contacted Kate before Christmas to arrange a charcoal pet portrait for a Christmas gift. Couldn't believe the detail of the finished product when it got delivered. Absolutely brilliant! A real eye for detail and a very professional service indeed.
Totally recommend Kate's service to anyone looking for artwork. Thanks Kate :)"


"It's absolutely perfect!!! I feel I will still have Bentley here at home with me. It will be a pleasure to hang it on my wall! Thank you so so much!!!"




Prices for charcoal and pencil drawing start at £120/$156 and oil paintings start at £375/$488. Shipping fees depend on the size of the artwork. Charcoal and pencil drawings are shipped in tubes and shipping in the UK/ to the USA costs £7.30/$14. Shipping of the oil paintings start from £15 (within UK) and $17 (to USA).

About Kate & Paul

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