About Kate & Paul


Hi, we’re Kate and Paul. We live in Ramsgate, a beautiful seaside town on the South East coast of England. We are traditional artists working in oils, charcoal and pencil. In the past our works have been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery and at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition in Mall Galleries.

We are passionate about our work and we have both been drawing portraits from a very early age. We met in 2014 at an Artist Convention in Vienna where we quickly became friends and not long after, life partners.

Our work can be found in homes all around the world.

Kate and Paul at the Ramsgate Marina

Kate and Paul at the Ramsgate Marina

Kate Oleska

When I was seven years old I became obsessed with drawing animals and people. Since then I've been studying their anatomy, values and shapes.

Years later, when I was studying to become an architect,  I took on a series of digital illustrations for various publishers, which I still do from time to time and enjoy. However, with traditional portraits the experience is completely different as I am creating an original work of art that cannot be easily reproduced.

My work and articles on painting and drawing have been featured in a number of publications such as Paint&Draw Magazine, ImagineFX or Creative Bloq. I put an equal focus on the overall experience my clients have and on creating the perfect portrait. 

Paul Moyse

When I was a young boy I was constantly drawing, whether it was drawing caricatures, portraits or making up pictures based on my favourite movies. My love of drawing continued into adulthood where for many years I have worked for magazines such as Radio Times and Weekly Standard. I’ve had the pleasure of working on commissions for clients such as Derren Brown, Sir Paul McCartney, Penn and Teller and Tim Jenison.

My favourite mediums are oils and graphite. In oils I tend to stick to a fairly limited palette and work with a combination of loose strokes and tight rendering.

Im also a huge fan of graphite pencils as a medium, I love their versatility and elegance, particularly when rendering fur. My favourite brand of pencils is Staedtler as they allow me to achieve a broader range of values.