Purely Pet Portraits


We offer framing for charcoal and pencil drawings as well as oil paintings


We offer frames both for charcoal and pencil drawings as well as oil paintings. With oil paintings frames can be chosen when the painting is already finished and drying. With the drawings we recommend ordering a frame together with the drawing to avoid extra waiting time. Once ordered frames are usually delivered to us within 1-2 weeks time depending on circumstances.

Frames for Drawings

When it comes to drawings we generally recommend to have them framed in two ways. One is to have the frame and mounting board. Mounting board helps keep the drawing away from the surface of the glass and lets it “breathe”. It also creates space around the drawing. We can also frame the drawing without the mounting board but with a spacer which also creates an empty space between the glass and the drawing. We can customize any of the frames based on Brampton Faming from which we order the frames. We always recommend a UV protective glass as it protects the drawing from the sun.

Frames for paintings

gold frame.jpg

We have a variesty of choices when it comes to frames for oils. We’re also always happy to help you choose the best one depending on your tastes and interior design of your home. You have a choice of simple and modern frames as well as more elaborate ones with gold and silver slips. Below are some examples of such frames but if these are not what you’re looking for, there’s always more choice.