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Lille wip 1.jpg

Hello and welcome to our “On The Easel” section where we try to shed some light on what we are currently working on and show recently finished pieces. We also work on paintings and artistic projects which are not related to pet portraits so we thought it would be a good idea to tell you more about these as well.

We have recently finished a couple of interesting pet portraits and are - as always - working on new ones. I have just finished a portrait of a lovely German Longhair Pointer. It was a slightly different commission as Emma, who commissioned it, wanted it more painterly and less detailed than my usual portraits. It turned out wonderful but as it is a present for her father, I decided not to share it just yet. I can however share portrait of Misty which I mentioned last time (I couldn’t share it then as it was meant as a birthday present as well) Sadly Misty passed away while I was working on the portrait. I was extremely sad when I heard the news. Annette’s husband was very touched when she presented the portrait to him. I got a lovely email from her which she allowed me to use as a review to share on the website:

“Hi Kate. My husband Gary loved portrait of Misty, as expected we all got very emotional. Gary said you have captured her totally and it was almost like she was here for his birthday.

Thank you so much Kate, you have been so lovely and very professional. You are a brilliant artist.”

I have also been finishing a big and complex painting of Lille. It’s almost ready now and I am working on some last details as per Daphne’s request. Lille is such a graceful subject to paint. Daphne wanted her painted on plain background at first but as we went through many options and compositions, we finally settled on one which depicted Lille in the wilderness, on a bench with some lovely brown and green colors behind her. Her fur, though white, has so many beautiful undertones and I enjoyed painting her very much!

In the meantime Paul has been working on his pencil portraits which are very popular. He has recently finished a lovely portrait of three doggies: Honey, Toby and Indy. Neil, who commissioned the portrait wanted to have all of his three dogs in one portrait. He also chose to have the drawing framed. He chose a very pretty black stained ayous frame combined with white moulding and UV protective glazing which complement the drawing beautifully. I have attached another of Paul’s drawings in this update as I have forgotten to add it to the galleries before : Portrait of Lola.

Paul is currently working on another one of his pencil commissions and I have just finished preparing a board for a 20x30cm oil painting of a gorgeous Poodle named Greggy. He has such an amazing face and the photo chosen for the portrait shows his happy nature, I can’t wait to start painting!

Lille wip 1.jpg