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Long time no updates. We’ve both been quite busy. There was Easter, trying to get the kids off the sugar high (oh boy was there a lot of candy eating!), birthday celebrations and of course commissions. I just added a new full body portrait of Footloose to the Charcoal Full Body gallery but there are a couple of others waiting including the A2 portrait that I have scanned and sent off to my client but had no chance yet to put the separate scans together. There are 12 separate files that I need to align in Photoshop so that’s a lot of work! At the same time Paul is working on some pencil portraits and has just finished framing one of his oil paintings which he will be sending off to the client soon. I just finished a painting of a beautiful cat but can’t really share it yet as it’s a surprise present. I will however share some work in progress of another commission which was ordered as a present by a loving husband for his wife. It was a Christmas present which - of course - she knows about so that one I can share! It’s a lot of fun to paint as it’s a portrait of Baxter and Ziggy all dressed up in uniforms!

Also last but not least - even though its not really pet portrait news - I’m happy to announce that one of my paintings has been chosen as a finalist of ARC Salon Competition. The International ARC Salon Competition is the most far reaching and influential competition for Contemporary Realism in the world. I'm super excited and grateful for the honor!